Mapping Schedules

The County of Prince Edward's Comprehensive By-law No. 1816-2006 (updated February 14, 2018) includes schedules that show the extent and boundaries of all zones. Links to PDFs of the original schedules can be found below.

Please note: the mapping below is current as of October 23, 2006 and does not reflect amendments. For updated zone mapping please use our online searchable map

Ameliasburgh Schedule A4-1 (PDF 17,112 KB)

Ameliasburgh Schedule A4-2 (PDF 30,978 KB)

Ameliasburgh Schedule A4-East (PDF 30,292 KB)

Ameliasburgh Schedule A4-West (PDF 28,175 KB)

Athol Schedule A5 (PDF 20,293 KB)

Athol Schedule A5-1 (PDF 13,465 KB)

Bloomfield Schedule A2 (PDF 7,141 KB)

Hallowell Schedule A6-1 (PDF 8,048 KB)

Hallowell Schedule A6-East (PDF 21,036 KB)

Hallowell Schedule A6-West (PDF 21,855 KB)

Hillier Schedule A7 (PDF 29,038 KB)

North Marysburgh Schedule A8 (PDF 27,504 KB)

North Marysburgh Schedule A8-1 (PDF 19,947 KB)

Picton Schedule A1-East (PDF 83,372 KB)

Picton Schedule A1-West (PDF 64,831 KB)

Sophiasburgh Schedule A10-1 (PDF 12,267 KB)

Sophiasburgh Schedule A10-East (PDF 17,485 KB)

Sophiasburgh Schedule A10-West (PDF 17,825 KB)

South Marysburgh Schedule A9 (PDF 22,081 KB)

South Marysburgh Schedule A9-1 (PDF 19,973 KB)

Wellington Schedule A3 (PDF 19,313 KB)